USA: Early indications show another sugar beet bounty

This autumn’s sugar beet crop looks to be just about as sweet as last year’s crop.

For the Amalgamated Sugar Co., sugar beet harvest kicks off in early September with a controlled early dig where approximately 16 percent of the total 2017 crop is harvested, said Kyle Gelles, a Blackfoot-area field man who works at Amalgamated.

The early harvest provides enough beets for the startup of factories located in Paul, Twin Falls and Nampa. The controlled early dig in eastern Idaho ended last week with the remaining crop harvested to area receiving stations, like the Liberty beet dump, 15 miles west of Blackfoot, through October, Gelles said.

“Last year’s crop broke a lot of company records with sugar content climbing towards 20 percent and yields above 40 tons per acre,” Gelles said.